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On January 5, Michael Anissimov claimed that a number of predictions Ray Kurzweil wrote would happen by 2009 failed to check out.

On his Accelerating Future blog, Michael posted: "Here are the failed predictions: 'Personal computers with high resolution interface embedded in clothing and jewelry, networked in Body LAN’s. The majority of text is created using continuous speech recognition (CSR) software. Computer displays built into eyeglasses project the images directly onto the user’s retinas.'"

Then on Monday, as R.U. Sirius from the H+ Magazine kindly points out, Michael published an email response from Kurzweil. In his letter, Kurzweil claimed a high batting average: that 89 out of 108 predictions were correct and another 13 were essentially correct.

Read R.U Sirius's H+ Magazine article here:

Read Michael's blog here:

Read Kurzweil's response here:
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