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Ever wanted to build your own robot but didn't know where to start? Here is your chance! This article outlines step by step exactly what to do to build a robot for under $50.
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On july 27 2008
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by Andres, on July 27 2008:
Robots: An intricate machinery that some think could replace biological humans in the future. The progress in robotics is astounding, but if we could learn to build these machines into what we want, why not toy with that idea and flip it around a bit? What if human minds were the ones to inhabit the mind-shells of mechanical robots of the future? In this sense, instead of autonomous machines being our civilizations progeny, we would build our own vessels to be inhabited at will, and through which we would continue to experience and exercise our freedom for evolutionary self-determination. Would it be possible for a human consciousness to embody entire swarms of artificial biological and mechanical vessels? Would this be desirable?
by Andres, on July 27 2008:
Technologically speaking, we're not quite there yet, but you can change this. If you have been curious about robotics and haven't quite gotten to build your own yet, check out this tutorial. You might learn a thing or two. : )

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