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This is the complete episode of BBC Visions of the Future - Intelligence Revolution.
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On december 10 2007
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by Andres, on December 10 2007:
"Three centuries ago the great English scientist Sir Isaac Newton wrote, 'I seem to have been like a boy playing on the seashore whilst the great ocean of truth lay undiscovered before me.' Today once again we are like children playing on the seashore but the ocean of truth is no longer undiscovered... we have unlocked the secrets of matter, the atom; we have unlocked the molecule of life, DNA; and we have created a form of artificial intelligence, the computer... we are making the transition from the age of scientific discovery to the age of scientific mastery."

- beautiful :)

by Navras, on December 11 2007:
Michio Kaku reminds me of Carl Sagan. Anyone know if he is a declared Transhumanist?

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