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Kevin Warwick isn't just creating a brain-controlled robot for fun, he sees it as a necessary first step toward the eventual merger between man and machine.
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On september 08 2008
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by Andres, on September 08 2008:
We're with you Warwick. Let's do this!

Our biological essence has been evolving and surviving over 3 billion years, this has allowed us to get where we are! All biological organisms alive today have endured many hardships and survived dangerous moments of starvation and massive extinctions. From single cells, to symbiotic and massively multicellular organisms, it has been an exciting and incredibly difficult evolutionary journey. I see absolutely no reason for us to cling to our latest evolutionary incarnation for fear of the unknown.

This brief moment in time has opened a window of opportunity. A quick glance reveals how our species could very well transform itself into seeds from which new varities of life and intelligence can emerge. A sea of possibilities lays before us and I am sure you, within, hold the essence from which a brand new Cambrian Explosion can grow. Learn. Help it grow.
by 282894jd, on September 09 2008:
Although I think the message is correct and human enhancement in inevitable. I am not very hapy with the scare mongering way the future is portayed here. People have enough reservations as it is towards future technology. I think the media should increase their factual reports about the uture and stop always trying to make it look like science fiction horror.
by Xxwootxx, on September 09 2008:
Immortality here we come. :]
by Navras, on September 09 2008:
282894jd, I couldn't agree more.
by Andres, on September 09 2008:
Ramzez Naam, the author of "More than Human: Embracing the Promise of Biological Enhancement" (I recommend you check it out if you haven't read this book), Software Developer for Microsoft, was quoted at the Singularity Summit 2007 as saying:

"In the end, this search for ways to enhance ourselves is a natural part of being human. The urge to transform ourselves has been a force in history as far back as we can see. It's been selected for by millions of years of evolution. It's wired deep in our genes — a natural outgrowth of our human intelligence, curiosity, and drive. To turn our backs on this power would be to turn our backs on our true nature. Embracing our quest to understand and improve on ourselves doesn't call into question our humanity — it reaffirms it."

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